Tenryosui Water


Hita Tenryosui waters homeland, Hita City is situated in the central region of northern Kyushu, also known as small Kyoto. This town is surrounded by flowing water which is available everywhere along with the streets. The city is blessed with pure & fresh water which is always been the reason of proud for the town since ancient time.
From the past several years, Hita City has been recognize as Suikyou (means water town) because this town is blessed by the nature with fresh & pure water. The Hita Basin is surrounded by beautiful mountains which are thousands of meters tall such as Kuju, Yabakei Gorge and active volcano, Mt. Aso representing Kyushu Island. This is the place from where Hita Tenryosui water comes from.


Despite good water quality in Hita City, our water is taken only from few selected locations which makes it different and better from other kind of water available in Japan and rest of the world. Besides the water of Hita Tenryosui in Japan, water with similar qualities found only in three other countries in the whole world that are France, Mexico and Germany.

Active Hydrogen Water

It is said that the water contains lots of active hydrogen (also known as Reduced Water), having a superb function of removing excess reactive oxygen, which is harmful for the body, outside the body. This is owing to the status of the Hydrogen in such type of water.


Water which is reduced naturally is a type of water which holds the hydrogen energy of the earth. Despite there is a scarcity of this water, through the quantitative analysis method and hydrogen radical detection method, the outcome shows that the water of Hita Tenryosui has high value of hydrogen radicals to the extent it become the water mark and stand next to Nordenau Water of Germany and Tlacote Water of Mexico. Amongst all these kind of water, Hita Tenryosui Water has the highest value of active hydrogen available in the water in comparison to the peers.


Dr. Peter Agre discovered that the passage of water on each cell membrane, known as Aquaporin. Due to this discovery, he has won the Noble Prize in Chemistry back in the year 2003. The function of aquaporin is to regulate the amount of water which passes through the cell. In case, the count of aquaporin decreases or when its function starts declining, there is a possibility that the person become ill.

Cell Permeability

Research head by Dr. Kitagawa, professor of Kyushu University in Japan, has proved that depending on the type of mineral water, there are few cells that pass through the aquaporin easily and few do not. Amongst the all, the water provided by Hita Tenryosui has 170% higher aquaporin permeability than other kind of mineral water.

Scientific Journals discussed Hita Tenryosui Water

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