Hita Tenryosui Water samples have been filtered in natural filtration systems through various strata deep underground in Hita Basin in Oita, Japan.

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Hita Tenryosui Co., Ltd.

Drink fresh and maintain your health with Hita Tenryosui Co., Ltd., a Mineral Water processing company. We are headquartered in Hita, Oita, Japan from the last two decades, with a mission to promote the use of pure, fresh and bottled mineral water. With this mission, we are introducing 500 ml Mineral Water Bottle, 2 Ltr Mineral Water Bottle and 12 Ltr Mineral Water Bottle

We know the way to consumers hearts which is why we are bringing forth different packaging quantities of mineral water, under our one roof and promising goodness in each packaging. In this industry, we are progressing steadily as an exporter and manufacturer by staying focused on quality processing of water and meeting buyers needs, specifically for urgent or scheduled deliveries.
According to a survey by research institutes in the United States, the pumped up Hita Tenryosui Water is estimated to be about 3,600 years old(+40 years)
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